Why OKRs?

As leaders or managers of your organization, did you face below dilemma or challenges:

  • You know your team is very busy, but you could not see the expected results they provide to your business.

  • Are your people protecting their interests rather than working towards your team/organizational goal?

  • Your employees lack the motivation to work, and it is hard to engage them.​

  • You want to have a business breakthrough or innovation but don’t know where to start.


If the above challenges sound familiar to you, OKR can help you to overcome them.

OKR (Objectives and Key Results) help organizations stay aligned by connecting company, team, and personal objectives to measurable results. OKRs are built based on 2 elements:

Objectives: Where do I want to go?

Key Results: How will I get there?



Objectives in OKR are:




How OKRs Help?



1.Connect team performance to company's objectives

2.Improve your agility and change-readiness

3. Get your business results laser-focused

4.Improve team communication


5.Empower your people

6.Strive for excellence

7. Measure what matters

Who use OKRs?





Hui Wei





Many more... ...

Cycle of OKRs




-Annual + Quarterly





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