Catherine has international working experience, including over ten years of Human Capital management in multinational companies in the U.K., China, and Malaysia. She is a certified trainer by PSMB. Through hands-on working experiences, she understands the business culture difference between different countries and excels in working with people from diverse backgrounds.

During her past career in corporate, her exposure in various industries has provided her valuable knowledge in managing employees’ motivation, engagement, and performance.  When she was working with the first listed software company in China, where she was exposed to various complex aspects of business due to its emerging nature, such as overseas M&A and post-acquisition integration. This has given her the opportunity of remote work experience with corporate senior management in 5 different countries and areas such as Finland, Romania, the USA, Germany, and the middle east. 

Catherine is also a well-versed expert in the field of Corporate Talent Development and Management. She was in the core team to design and improve corporate learning for 22,000 employees over the world. The IT Project Managers Development Program she worked on was selected into the Best Practices of IT Talent Development Programme by the Software Engineering Institute (SEI) in the U.S.

She was the person in charge of Talent Development & Management in one of the fortune global 500 companies before, where she trained more than 200 high potential young talents through a Creative Project-Based Learning program. Her achievement in Talent Development was rewarded by the Excellence of Education Awards of Life Office Management Association, one of the largest trade associations in the U.S., and she was featured twice in its global magazine.

Catherine Chen is the founding member of OKRs Coach Network, the U.S.A. Currently, she is helping corporate clients to improve business alignment, focus and employee engagement by applying OKR in their employee performance management.

Catherine Chen

OKRs Coach/Talent Development Expert

Our Service: OKRs Workshop


Covid-19 has dramatically changed the way we think and work.  This has required managers and HR to be ready to provide employees with new performance support they need to be successful in the new world of work.


As the proven best practice to drive focus, alignment and engagement between managers and employees, Objectives & Key Results (OKR) have leveraged its existing legacy, stemming from years of application experience, to rapidly — and seamlessly — deliver, adapt and transition existing-working world, tools, and solutions to upskill employees and minimize the pandemic’s business impact.

Topics covered in the OKRs workshop are:

-Background of OKRs:A management tool to engage and empower your employees

-How OKRs can help your business breakthrough during the recession

-Preparation of Implementing OKRs for a success

-Create effective OKRs to facilitate team collaboration and innovation

-Managing OKRs to improve employee self-discipline and accountability on daily work

-How can OKRs motivate employees in daily work

Our Service: Full OKRs Implementation


Every company is different. We understand your company has its unique culture and challenges. In Growth Mindset Global, we provide customized OKRs implementation service to help your organization improve focus, alignment, and employee engagement so you can get better and faster business results.  

If you are ready to roll out OKRs in your company/department/team, we would love the opportunity to be your partner to set off this journey.

To begin with, we will understand your current management system and provide you a customized deployment plan.

In the next step, We will guide and inspire your team by training your internal OKRs experts, so your OKRs initiative is sustainable after we leave.

During the implementation of OKRs, we will be there to assist you in running OKRs and have all your individual questions answered. A blended learning approach will ensure you have a smooth implementation and sharpen your OKRs skills at the same time.

Our Service: Remote OKRs Training & Coaching



Not in Malaysia or China? Not a problem. We are always here to listen to your issues and assist you no matter where you are. Work with us remotely to get your inquiries answered and challenges solved. We will customize our approach very much to your needs and individual circumstances. 

Our Service: Talent Development Consultation


Get other inquiries in talent development? Want to Kick start your management effort, train your team, and build internal capacity for getting laser-focused business results? Let us customize a talent development solution for your organization.

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