Achieve your 2021 company goals by using OKRs: What You Need To Know

My free 1:1 OKR coaching to 10 CEOs to help them write their company 1st quarter of 2021 OKR has been fully booked. For those who have not got the opportunity to secure this free coaching, do not worry. Today’s article is to help you understand how to use OKR to write your 2021 company goals.

  • The way you plan and solve a problem for your customer

In business, your customers value two things: the value you deliver and the efficiency you have.

From my coaching to CEOs, I found one of the significant differences between ordinary entrepreneurs with outstanding entrepreneurs is systematical and critical thinking competency.

What is the benefit of systematic and critical thinking competency in business

What is the benefit of systematic and critical thinking competency in business? Let me give you an example:

Some time ago, I attended a zoom discussion with my client. They are in China, so they were planning a physical event in the 1st quarter of 2021. And in that meeting, the sales director was leading his team to discuss: how shall they run a successful face-to-face event? Many participants gave suggestions like this:

- We should invite some famous speakers to share hot topics

- We should have some exciting ice breakers before the event starts

- We should do nice decorations at the meeting venue

- … …

Suddenly a lady shared her screen with us with a picture she drew:

When everybody saw this picture, they had a few seconds of silence in the zoom meeting. I know, all of them were astonished at the speed of her thinking and ideas delivery.

She quickly plans this project from OKRs (Objectives & Key Results) perspective. She knows the ultimate goal is to have a successful event. To achieve this objective, she needs to get three key results:

Key Result No1:The promotion of this event is successful, so it attracts 200 participants to register.

Key Result No2: The event participants have an excellent experience and the average satisfaction is 4.7 out of 5.

Key Result No3: The logistics of this event need to be taken care of, so the event is smooth and 100% comply with the SOP.

After identifying these three key results, she drills down from key results to tasks and action plans.

When we saw this picture, we understand the roadmap for achieving a successful event within a few seconds. She managed to give a breakthrough to enhance the meeting efficiency because she has a systematic and critical thinking methodology.

  • Application of systematic and critical thinking in daily life

Planning a successful face to face event is just one of the things we need to handle. Anything like this in our life or work can be solved by this systematic and critical thinking methodology: OKRs (Objectives & Key Results).

For example, if you want to improve the bonding with your child, what will you do? Below is an extremely busy father, but he wants to enhance the bonding between him and his son

The methodology of OKRs (Objectives&Key Results) can be applied to anything like improving bonding with my child or planning a successful event. You may have many important things to handle in your life and work. But all of those critical things have below similarities:

1. You have an objective to achieve.

2. To achieve this objective, you must make some measurable efforts.

3. Those measurable efforts are key results, which are independent and contribute to the achievement of your objective.

4. Key results are complementary but not heavily correlated to each other.

In summary, OKRs (objectives and key results) is a systematical and critical thinking methodology that you can plan to achieve anything from big to small. It helps you to accelerate your goal-achieving process.

By the way, thanks to Mr. Jeff, I was invited to coach 14 CEOs to draft their 2021, 1st quarter OKR. I also learned a lot from them: I listened to their unique stories and learned that nobody was easy in 2020 but all of them made a breakthrough in their business!

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