Full OKRs implementation

Every company is different. We understand your company has its unique culture and challenges. In Growth Mindset Global, we provide customized OKRs implementation service to help your organization improve focus, alignment, and employee engagement so you can get better and faster business results.  

If you are ready to roll out OKRs in your company/department/team, we would love the opportunity to be your partner to set off this journey.

To begin with, we will understand your current management system and provide you a customized deployment plan.

In the next step, we will guide and inspire your team by training your internal OKRs experts, so your OKRs initiative is sustainable after we leave.

During the implementation of OKRs, we will be there to assist you in running OKRs and have all your individual questions answered. A blended learning approach will ensure you have a smooth implementation and sharpen your OKRs skills at the same time.