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Key Challenges of Organizations


The Need for a Strong & Talented Team

How to empower employees to strive for excellence?


Lack of Alignment Within the Company

How to align goals horizontally and vertically  within the company?


Lack of Focus

How to focus on what matters and reduce the gap between strategy & execution?


VUCA (Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity,and Ambiguity)

How to be agile & survive in a  VUCA environment?

After we use OKRs to set company goals, we realize that it really helps us align the whole team with their purpose and what they meant to achieve the overall objectives. This promotes more team spirit and also unity in achieving that goal. Everybody knows they have a role to play in the main objective or big goal.

Julius Lim,CEO, Wellness Cosmetology Alliance Lab Sdn Bhd, Malaysia

In the past, we always failed to achieve our company goals. After using OKRs, we have a clearer understanding of our goals, such as company goals and individual goals, and how to engage our employees to achieve company goals together.


Yu Xuan Liu,

Chairman, EI-Biz Management Pte Ltd, Singapore

Previously, the challenge we faced is that we faced so many goals, not knowing which one to focus on and which one is aligned with the company mission. Sometimes we have our goals, but we do not know what really takes us there. The value OKRs brought us is: they gave us more purpose, more clarity on what we should do. We dive deep into our goals which are aligned with our company mission. It really broadens our perspective.

Marx Chua, CEO, Rotol Group Sdn Bhd, Malaysia


Right now, your agility and change-readiness is more important than ever


Do you know how to leverage your team and people to get through these uncertain times?


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What you need to drive company growth now

  • Focus

  • Agility

  • Alignment

  • Clarity

Proven workable OKRs approach

We believe successful OKRs journey needs an approach that embraces “crawl-walk-run.” To get your organization focused, aligned, and engaged in what matters most and create a culture that values risk-taking, we recommend our proven  3-phase framework. 

Hands-on experienced OKRs coach in Asia

When you choose us as your OKRs Coach, you’ll benefit from Catherine’s hands-on OKRs experience, strategy execution, and change management, in facilitation and implementation of OKRs in your company. Our Value Proposition is our experience, and we’ll work with you to design a tailored engagement uniquely suited to your needs.

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